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We now take walk in tattoos subject to availability. 


Advance appointments are recommended. 

We would love to discuss your tattoo idea. Please contact us via this form or email us at

**Please include the following info so we can help you book your tattoo:

(1) Design Idea (Include any reference images)

(2) Approximate Size (must be 1 inch or larger. We are not doing Micro tattoos at this time. *Micro tattoos will look blurry as you age due to changes in skin elasticity and cell migration*

(3) Location on your body **We DO NOT tattoo fingers, toes, sides of feet, bottoms of feet, heels, lips, ears.

(4) Contact Info including phone number.

(5) Your ideal time frame to get tattooed and general availability in terms of days and times (afternoons and early evenings) Wednesday - Sunday.

Contact Us

Thanks for Getting in Touch!

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