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Phalloplasty Tattoos 

The construction of a penis for female-to-male trans individuals is a Phalloplasty procedure. The goal of a phalloplasty is to not only build a functional penis but one that is cosmetically appealing as well. However, due to the donor sites (usually the thigh or forearm) the new phallus can lack in realistic appearance in terms of coloring and other details.

Lovely Monkey's wonderful artist Jamie Wedge will work with you to make your phalloplasty look as realistic as possible via tattooing. 


Jamie can add the appearance of veins, hair follicles and color the penis per your specifications. Colors can vary from bluish, pink, brown to reddish. Jamie strives to customize every detail of your phalloplasty tattoo.

Free Consultation:

The first step is a free consultation with Jamie. This can be done in person (preferred) or via FaceTime. You'll need to bring or email Jamie photos of your penis and any reference images (if you have them) to show Jamie examples of what you are hoping to achieve with your phalloplasty tattoo.

First Tattoo Session:

You will be tattooed in a private room. You can bring a support person if you like and something to read along with your phone or tablet.

Throughout this session - Jamie will ask questions to make sure she is going in the right direction as far as color variation, adding veins and other details.

The first session will last 2-3 hours depending on your tattoo tolerance and how much you are trying to accomplish during your first visit.

Tattoo Healing

Expect the area to look much bolder and darker with the initial tattoo. Be prepared for the area to be very swollen and quite sensitive, but the discomfort will be manageable. The swelling differs between clients and, after about a week, the color will adjust to how it will look after it heals.

A follow-up appointment will be made 6 - 8 weeks after your initial visit for any necessary adjustments such as more depth of color, more veins, etc. This is a progressive procedure and may take up to three visits to fully complete.

Phalloplasty Tattoo Cost and Requirements

•Since Jamie is still building her phalloplasty tattoo portfolio she is currently offering a discounted rate of $600 which includes 3 tattoo sessions.

•You must be 2 years post surgery. Jamie also requires a letter from your Plastic Surgeon clearing you for tattooing.

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation by emailing us at

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