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Lovely Monkey Tattoo now offers body piercing courtesy of Justin Whitehouse. You must be 16 years or older to get pierced. Minors must bring a parent with them, birth certificate and photo ID*


*For Minors younger than 16 please contact our wonderful piercer Meatloaf at our cool sister shop Lucky Monkey Tattoo in Ann Arbor by emailing him at**

All of our piercing prices include high quality surgical stainless steel starter jewelry.

**We offer multi-piercing discounts. Additional piercings are just $20 when the highest value is paid.

Bridge $50         


Daith $50             

Dermal Anchor $60  

Earlobe (single) $20     

Ear Cartilage (rim) $40      

Eyebrow $40

Helix $40

Industrial $60   

Lip $50            

Navel $40            

Nostril $40             

Nipple $40

Rook $45  

Septum $60                            

Tragus $45           


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