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December 4, 2018

Lovely Monkey Tattoo Launches 2nd Annual “Win a Pair” Contest and Gofundme Campaign to Help Breast Cancer Survivors in Need of Realistic Ink


Lovely Monkey Tattoo launched its yearly “Win a Pair” contest.  The Whitmore Lake, Michigan based tattoo shop will award a pair of realistic nipple and areola tattoos to one woman who has undergone breast reconstruction surgery due to breast cancer.


Additionally, Lovely Monkey Tattoo has created a Gofundme campaign to underwrite nipple and areola tattoos for women and men who are uninsured, or who’s insurance won’t cover this service.  The link to the Gofundme account is https://www.gofundme.com/3d-areola-tattoos-for-breast-cancer-survivors


To enter the “Win a Pair” contest, email the shop at artist@Lovelymonkeyink.com, describing your need for this service.


One winner will be announced on December 25, 2018.  Value of the breast tattoos are $600.


Lovely Monkey Tattoo opened in September 2016 with a mission to help women who have battled breast cancer feel whole again. 


Shop artist Jamie Espy tattoos realistic looking nipples and areolas on women who have undergone breast surgeries.  She often restores self-esteem and confidence in the process.  Lovely Monkey Tattoo is the only tattoo studio in Michigan devoted to this service.


Owned and operated by Whitmore Lake residents Dana Forrester and James Trunko, the married couple also owns the award-winning Lucky Monkey Tattoo in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After 15 years in the body art business, Forrester was frustrated by not being able to fulfill the magnitude of requests from women who sought tattoo artists to ink their post mastectomy, reconstructed breasts.


“We've been getting requests for this service since 2010 - and finally the right artist and opportunity to open a shop in Whitmore Lake came along," explains Forrester. "Jamie has outstanding artistic skills, a wonderful bedside manner, and provides her clients with lots of TLC," she adds. 


For women who opt to “go flat” (no post mastectomy breast reconstruction) – Jamie can also cover scars with decorative tattoos.


While Lovely Monkey Tattoo doesn’t deal with insurance providers directly, some of the shop’s clients have been successful in getting reimbursed for their breast tattoos by their insurance companies.


 “This is a very personal mission for my husband and I.  My sister in law, Mary Clare Greenblatt, died of breast cancer at the age of 42. Lovely Monkey Tattoo is our way of honoring her, and helping women heal and feel whole again.” Forrester adds.


Women interested in setting up a free consultation with Jamie Espy should call or email the shop at 734-333-5067 or artist@lovelymonkeyink.com